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Alison has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Spin Instructor. She is a CanFitPro Certified Trainer and a Certified Spin Instructor. She is committed to helping people to be the best versions of themselves and to live their happiest and healthiest lives. Her workouts advocate the mind-body connection and will engage you, challenge you and make you feel stronger both physically and mentally. Alison has a strong focus on proper form, which is paramount to maximize results.  While her workouts benefit individuals of all fitness levels, as a mother of four, Alison understands how the body changes over time and having worked with hundreds of clients over 40, she is particularly well versed on how to work the body to optimize physical output and mental gain with demonstrative results.

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Alison is a working mother of four and understands the challenge of making time for yourself. ABS Fitness can be accessed on virtually any screen - anytime, anywhere - and can be done with or without equipment.

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I simply love your classes! They are the perfect length to do on their own or combine with a run or spin class. I love how you motivate, keep us focused on proper form, and make it go by so fast. Looking forward to getting stronger together!

<p>Beth M.</p>, <p>Age 40</p>

Beth M.

Age 40

ABS Fitness is like having a personal trainer on demand. Between a full-time job & 2 children, it can be hard to make time for my workouts. Alison is positive, motivating & captivating. It feels like she is in the room with me, pushing me to do my best.

<p>Alana R.</p>, <p>Age 49</p>

Alana R.

Age 49

There are millions of virtual classes these days, but only a handful are truly well thought-out & deliver results! Alison is so knowledgeable, dedicated & passionate about her work! I feel I can conquer anything after each workout! So grateful to be part of the ABS community!

<p>Veronica A.</p>, <p>Age 50</p>

Veronica A.

Age 50

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