Why I started ABS Fitness...

"I want to continue to help make a difference in people’s everyday lives. I am able to do this by providing fitness videos that are challenging, achievable and will empower you to feel physically and mentally stronger". - Alison Beder Solway

Kind Words

There are millions of virtual classes these days, but only a handful who are truly well thought out and deliver results! Alison is so knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about her work! Every workout is a killer, and I feel I can conquer anything after each workout! So grateful to be part of the ABS community!!!!♥️

Veronica A. (age 50)

Subscribing to ABS fitness is like having a personal trainer on demand. Between a full-time job and two children, it can be hard to make time for my workouts. But now I feel that I have a personal trainer who can work with me at the precise moment when I find that time for myself. Alison is positive, motivating and captivating. It feels like she is in the room with me, pushing me to do my best.

Alana R. (age 49)

ABS Fitness is a series of focused workouts that provide Alison’s wealth of knowledge in the gym in perfectly timed segments. In typical Alison fashion, each workout is challenging and loaded with information. You’ll always know what you’re working, and why. These workouts can be modified for all fitness levels and completed on-demand or in live sessions.

Eric R. (age 40)

ABS Fitness has become an invaluable part of my fitness routine. Alison’s motivational demeanour and encouraging ways always keep me pushing my limits. At 74, I appreciate that Alison offers modifications to her very challenging exercises. I feel very happy at the end of a workout, that I have accomplished something positive for myself. Thank you, Alison for the purposeful workouts!

Sharon G. (age 74)

ABS fitness has been instrumental in my Cancer recovery. Having gone through chemo, surgery and radiation, I was so happy to find a core workout to challenge myself to get stronger. I do 3 to 4 classes a week. What I value about ABS Fitness are the dynamic routines that keep challenging all the muscle groups. I have lost 30 pounds since March and have made this a part of my weekly routine. It’s like having my own personal trainer. Thanks, Alison.

Amanda T. (age 47)

I am a very, very happy user of ABS Fitness. I love the wide portfolio of classes available and how motivating Alison is every step of the way. I also am seeing tremendous results, and this is truly the most effective online workout series I have ever tried. Thank you so much for creating ABS Fitness!

Jodi K. (age 42)

ABS Fitness is the perfect addition to my daily exercise regimen. After going on a run to get my cardio fix, I tailor a different ABS Fitness workout daily that meets my needs. Working full time as a family physician and having three children, the freedom of accessibility and the variety of workouts allow me to use my time efficiently. I have particularly appreciated the emphasis on the mind-body connection! I will continue to recommend ABS Fitness to both friends and patients!

Aarin G. (age 39)

I have always been skeptical about working out with a trainer. I’m very busy and like to use my workout time for myself. However, I have never gotten the results I wanted when working out on my own. Once I tried ABS Fitness, I realized that I was getting a great full-body workout in 30 minutes. I got the cardio that I wanted and worked out muscles that I have not felt in years. Thanks for the great workouts.

Kevin B. (age 52)

I simply love your classes! They are the perfect length to do on their own or combine with a run or spin class. Working out at home has been so important during this time. I love how you motivate, keep us focused on proper form and make it go by so fast. Looking forward to getting stronger together!”

Beth M. (age 40)

Alison motivates with excellent cues; she brings my mind back to the present while working out and focusing on our time together. I worked out live with Alison for years, and now I can have her support, guidance and cues as I workout at home. Even if I can't make a Wednesday live class, I can still do a class and feel that she is helping me one-on-one. The new shorter targeted workouts are an excellent add-on for any day I need just an extra push to target a specific area after a run, walk, mountaineering or stepper.

Debra T. (age 61)


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